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Only $38.50 and your photo ad will run until your motorcycle is sold.

Sample Premium Photo Advertisements

Our unique "Run Until It Sells" system is changing everything about motorcycle classified advertising.

Much better than traditional newspaper classifieds where they charge you by the day or week to advertise.

Advertise your bike to millions of internet users.

Here's how it works...
To run a run-until-sold ad (with 3 photos) start by clicking Run Until Sold Photo Ad.
To place your ad, you will need to have your photos in a digital format.
You should plan ahead and think about the title and description.
Either a digital camera or photo scanner device may be used to capture your photos in a digital format.
Our system accepts only GIF, JPG and JPEG photo files.
Payment is accepted online with The cost is $38.50. Your ad will run until you sell your bike.

We will try to get your ad on-line on Motorcycle Trader within 24 hours in which you submit your ad to us.
Sometimes things get a bit busy around here or we run into a holiday or special event so be patient, we want your ad online more than you do and will do our best to get it there in a timely manner.

By placing an ad, you are agreeing to the terms of the Motorcycle Trader Advertising Agreement.
It is suggested that you read the terms of the agreement in its entirety so that you know what you are agreeing to.

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